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Razor Makers Have A Problem: American Men Are Shaving Less

Kennedy Airport on February 28, 2013 in New York City. Should the $85 billion in automatic federal budget cuts, known as the sequester, go into effect Friday as scheduled, airport control towers in a number of states could close, putting pilots and staff members at risk. In addition to the closed control towers, TSA workers could be furloughed, leading to long waits and confusion at many airpor | Getty Get Travel Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: TSA , BWI Airport , Transportation Security Administration , Travel News , Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport , Bwi , Tsa News , Travel News HANOVER, Md. Transportation Security Administration officers found a pair of razor blades in the running shoes of a passenger traveling through Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, but it appears the blades were manufactured into the shoes. The blades were found during an X-ray of the shoes Tuesday. Authorities questioned the passenger, but it appeared the blades were manufactured into the sole of the right shoe. Officials had to pull apart the sole of the shoe to remove the blades, which were described as rusty and a little over an inch in size. The passenger was allowed to catch his flight.
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TSA Finds Razor Blades In Sneakers At BWI, Passenger Still Makes Flight

The declines for the category were the largestwe have ever seen, Energizer Chief Executive Ward Klein, a 25-year company veteran, said on Wednesdays earnings call. There could be another problem though. U.S. shaving stalwarts are facing pressure from razor subscription sites like the Dollar Shave Club, which send off-brand razor blades to home on a monthly basis, shutting out Schick and Gillette. American men are also doing less shaving, according to a Euromonitor Inc. analyst, as stubble and facial hair becomes more popular. Beneath all that, however, may be the reality that the big brands have hit a limit on how much more they can get consumers to pay to shave. The companies are responding to that pressure. P&G last year brought back advertising for its Mach 3 razor franchise, the three-blade razor that preceded the Fusion line, for the first time since 2006.
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