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Stop Shaving?beardfest Is Coming

It works just like you'd think: spray the cream on your hands and rub together, like you would soap. They say it's great at getting out paint stains, but also handy when you're camping camping and find yourself low on water (you just scrub your hands together with some shaving cream and wipe them down with a towel). Just make sure youre using regular shaving cream, nothing made of gel. Hit the link below to see a couple more uses for shaving cream.
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It was Carricks first NHL goal and point, and it helped spark the Caps to a shootout win against Calgary. It also led to a postgame celebration. Was it Ovi that did it? Carrick, 19, asked of the shaving cream on his head, which he sported while answering questions about the game. It was Ovechkin, indeed. I think a lot of kids would like to have shaving cream on their head by Alex Ovechkin, Carrick said. While the shaving cream on his head (not to mention the goal) was a first forCarrick at the NHL level, hes not too worried about any rookie hazing during the rest of the season. These guys are great, he said.
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Connor Carrick gets creamed

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Research and Markets: Shaving Lotions and Creams - Global Strategic Business Report

19 that will require you to pass on any face shearing throughout November. Advance notice in this case is actually quite useful, as anyone looking to compete in the Beardfest will need lots of time to get their chin tresses in shape. A benefit for the Movember Foundation, which works to combat mens health issues, Beardfest will be the culmination of a fund-raising drive that begins by asking men to not shave for all of November. Those dudes who decide to get involved must register at movember.com, using their growing fuzz (beards or just moustaches) to get peoples attention -- and then explaining to the curious that the reason behind the pronounced facial hair is to promote awareness of (and gather donations to help fight) mens mental health issues, as well as testicular and prostate cancers. Beardfest will lean toward involving those with a full face of fuzz (although guys with woolly upper lips sans lower growth will also get a chance to compete). The night will be a scrum involving mainly jawline manes, with three types accepted: groomed (oil or wax management allowed), freestyle (all sorts of sculpting chemicals are OK) and natural (as it grows only). Categories of competition will include Best Mustache (natural/ groomed only), Best Goatee (natural or groomed) and Santa Beard (full white beards, colored or natural), among other divisions with the winner of each group eventually going toe-to-toe (or is it chin-to-chin?) in a Best Beard of the Night finale. To be hosted by experienced beard-contestant Anthony Leonard DiBo DiBono II, the event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. (with challengers required to register at 6 p.m.).
To work with its principal edition along with the second representations along with image, visit http://long-island.newsday.com/bars-and-clubs/lol-1.1887675/stop-shaving-beardfest-is-coming-1.6198269

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