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Shaving Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Shaving Advice for Male Travellers

Sometimes wet shaving is the only answer Razors and foam can be a bit expensive. A lot of people use the chance while they are away to see what they look like with a beard. If you grow a goatee, make sure you have some small scissors to keep in it in shape. A battery shaver is ideal if you can get one and you aren't very hairy, as you don't have to rely on finding a socket and getting the power right. Shavers seem to be getting better and better nowadays and they make you smoother to the touch than a baby's bum after a particularly warm bath and a fair bit of moisturising! For the hairy ones amongst us whose faces just get chewed up by electric razors, wet shaving is the only answer but can be very expensive. Shaving Oil Billed as 'The best shave you can ever have' and 'It'll change the way you shave forever!'.
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"We are on haj, so God will cause no harm to us," he said, wiping dripping blood from his head with his hands. The barbers wield the same razor on dozens of men, exponentially increasing the chances of spreading sickness and disease among this year's estimated two million pilgrims on haj, which started on Monday. It's a practice the Saudi health ministry has been trying to stamp out for years. The barbers avoid arrest by maintaining they are relatives of their clients, and claiming not to receive compensation for their service. This year, in addition to bringing in licensed barbers from around the country and putting up posters as usual, the authorities have flooded television and radio with warnings of the potential health hazards. It's a tough sell. The owner of a licensed shop in Mena said with many of the pilgrims on a tight budget, at least 60 percent go to the unofficial barbers or shave themselves. "I can't afford to pay anything over 10 riyals ($2.7) and the barbers that the government approves here are expensive," said Salam Assem, a factory worker from Egypt.
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At the very least, store your razor outside the shower. Vodka martini, straight up!: Well, maybe not during your morning shave. You can, however, dip your blade in alcohol, and it will assist in keeping the blade dry and disinfected. Rubbing alcohol is cheaper, but vodka will do if that's all you've got. Oil up: Use baby oil instead of shaving cream in a pinch. The oil acts as a lubricant on the razor, preventing tiny chips in the blade.
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Haj pilgrims risk health with unlicensed head shaves

However, it is clear that preoperative shaving antedated the antiseptic practices introduced to medicine by Joseph Lister and Ignaz Semmelweis in the 19th century. In the early 1850's, for example, Dr. Stephen Smith observed that surgeons at Bellevue Hospital in New York sometimes shaved off patients' superfluous hair. Whether this was done to make it easier for the surgeon to cut and sew or to reduce the incidence of infection is not clear from his description. By the early part of this century, surgeons had come to regard the presence of hair as a menace because it harbored potentially dangerous microorganisms. Hospitals hired barbers to shave the operative area. In a textbook on surgery written in 1927, Dr.
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