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Shaving Debate Hasn?t Resolved Whether Doubled-edged Safety Razor Is Best

Shelley Smith talks her X Factor exit, shaving off Kingsland Road's quiffs and twerking - Watch

Shelley Smith on her X Factor exit and Kingsland Road - Shelley Smith images - sugarscape.com Hairs almost never grow perpendicular to the face, but rather at an angle of 31 to 59 degrees. This can bedevil those seeking a close shave, because the hairs dont stand up for cutting. Hollander and Casselman noted that hair is composed largely of keratin, a substance that absorbs water easily, softening it and making it easier to cut through. The scientists weighted shafts of hair and submerged them in water, measuring how long it took for the hair to reach its maximum stretch. If warm, soapy water is used, it takes 21/2 to three minutes to fully hydrate and soften a facial hair. Shaving removes almost as much skin, by volume, as hair, according to the study. The scraping away of the outer layer of skin likely accounts for much of the discomfort of shaving, with the scientists arguing that stiffer shaving lather and shaving no more than once every two days ameliorated the effect. All of Hollander and Casselmans experiments were based on the safety razor, which was most Americans weapon of choice in the 1930s.
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Global Shaving Lotions and Creams Industry

Harris (UK) II-39Dr.Bronners (US) II-39eShave, Inc. (US) II-39Energizer Holdings, Inc. (US) II-40Geo F Trumper (UK) II-40Johnson & Johnson (US) II-41Aveeno (US) II-41Kiehl (US) II-41L'Oreal SA (France) II-42Malhotra Shaving Products Ltd. (India) II-42Musgo-Claus Porto (Portugal) II-42Perio, Inc. (US) II-43Proraso (Italy) II-43Speick (Germany) II-43Taylor of Old Bond Street (UK) II-44The Gentlemens Refinery (US) II-44The King of Shaves Company Limited (UK) II-44The Procter & Gamble Company (US) II-44The Gillette Company (US) II-45Truefitt & Hill (UK) II-45Unilever (UK) II-46VI-John Group (India) II-46 7.
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1 sugar 1 comment Oh Devonshire Diva, we don't wanna leave ya etc. etc. Gah - it was all kickin' off on The X Factor over the weekend, wasn't it? Not only were Miss Dynamix's SeSe Foster *and* Abi Alton both dramatically rushed off to hospital (get well soon, gals), but there was also the small matter of a singing competition to be getting on with. And after getting their vocal cords round some tales of love and heartbreak, we were left with Shelley Smith and the Kingland Road boys in the bottom two. But unfortunately the Devonshire Diva's massive vocals couldn't match Kingsland Road's massive hair (and vocals...but, like, seriously that HAIR), and she become the second act to be given the boot.
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